Prof. Dr. Michael Szczesny

Professor and Cooperation Partner

  • Specializations

    Dr. Szczesny specializes in company and estate probate and represents corporate bodies as well as private individuals. He also handles special fields such as tax law and in particular tax on income, estate/inheritance and gift tax and legal tax procedures. Dr Szczesny is your contact for all law matters regarding white collar offenses.
    He also generates and reworks company agreements and general terms and conditions.
  • Vita

    Born in 1971, Mr Szczesny studied law at the Julius-Maximilian university of Wurzburg, Bavaria.

    He worked closely with Prof. Dr. K.Tiedtke as assistant lecturer for financial and business law as well as civil law at the Wurzburg university.  He became lawyer in 2006 and was awarded his doctorate at the Würzburg law school in 2007. He has been an partner to the KONRAD law firm since 2007.

    He has been teaching tax law, commercial and business law as well as civil law at the university of Würzburg, The Fachhochschule Wurzburg-Schweinfurt and the Berufsakademie Mosbach/Bad Mergentheim.

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