The following selection of services will give you an overview of our range of performances.

  • Consulting

    The success of a project with regard to timeliness, form and content as well as the avoidance of unnecessary costs greatly depend on well-timed consulting. One absolutely needs to identify the specific risks and possibilities of a project prior to its realization in order to properly assess the very own performance potential and the need of regulations.
    Continuous consultation on the project ensures correct action during its realization and helps to avoid liability risks.
  • Training

    The key to a successful enterprise is their motivated and qualified staff. The higher the qualification level, the greater the motivational possibilities. A high qualification gives the employee a higher degree of security when dealing with his or her daily tasks, makes him or her want more and try new things.

    We build our training seminars on the existing substance and qualify your employees where they show weaknesses. The type, complexity and length of the training action is oriented on the individual conditions and requirements. Step by step we develop thus a team of qualified, self-confident and highly motivated employees.

  • Quality Management

    The quality of a finished product is also determined by the legal understanding of the single processes that are required. Quality is not merely the true-to-the-contract and flawless fulfillment of the product to be delivered. For the provider of the performance, quality is the total of all process steps that are necessary to reach this result. To guarantee safe progressing on the most direct route we assist you in verifying and assessing your organization as well as your equipment and make sure that all procedures and dealings with partners and third parties involved in production are legally safe and correct.

  • Drafting of Contract

    In private law, the drafting of a contract which is to regulate the different interests of the contractual parties, is paramount. A most comprehensive settlement of all items in need of regulation and the contextual quality of such regulations decides upon the success of the interests aimed at by the commercial activities of the parties.

    We make it our task to give you detailed information on matters in need of regulation and to assist you in settling the items in question as required by your specific project.

  • Project Support

    Today, most projects have a dynamic character and develop in time. Particularly large projects no longer involve just one or two partners and - even if there are clear contractual regulations – it is impossible to forecast all contingencies. New and sudden problems require fast and safe settlement.

    Process-supporting advice is to guarantee correct behavior of each party involved and to protect from recourse claims.

    As your legal advisors, we accompany your project from the beginning to the end.

  • Alternative Conflict Resolution


    Mediation is the attempt to settle a conflict between the parties by employing a mediator experienced in the matter in dispute. In most cases and good will assumed, the parties find a fast and efficient solution that satisfies each others‘ interests. Thanks to his experience in the matter in dispute and his legal expertise, the mediator can contribute to the settlement of the conflict. Grievance procedures and arbitration proceedings are to replace conflict solution in court and to result in fast and cost-effective solutions.


    Grievance Procedures

    The new grievance procedures and arbitration proceedings regulation for building disputes (short SOBau) of the German building law committee for private building and architects law is an excellent tool to avoid court proceedings. The respective task force of the ARGE building law association in the German Lawyers‘ Association makes sure that only lawyers qualified in building and architects’s law are listed as mediators and arbitrators.
  • Legal Representation

    Legal disputes are decided positively if handled with profound expert knowledge and the right strategy.

    We forecefully represent your interests throughout the proceedings and focus on an economical solution based on what is materially and legally possible.

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